Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Subject_01_Detailed Concept

Did you imagine that the secret passage exists over the building surface or bathroom tile surface like a "Open sesame". The secret space or passage may be connecting gate for another world or there is some creator in that space. I want to express that some imagination space for people, just see this or really frighten something what ever.

 The crevice of the door

I will just make leaking lighting spread through crevice or crack in real object. The light will make the secret space or passage in your mind or imagine. It can be crack in wall or real tile crevice in wall or tile in road. Or it can be real bathroom in school.

The crack in wall

The tile crevice in wall or road

The detail scenario is here. I will make some installation in this environment. The readable with passing people something will make some curious or frighten to viewer. This maybe some passing shadow or sound or moving whatever the kind of thing ordinary happens.

Ordinary step

What happen?

I will use more test in realtime interactive environment. The first is this. I just making doorlight for projection and moving shadow with box tracking people's moving.

Moving something