Saturday, September 21, 2013


Subject_01_Concept idea

The space and object will remember the air, atmosphere, time all everything. I think about the object knows what happen in this spot, something like a crime scene. There are the witness, evidence, prof and they indicate accident in this place. So, I think that the place can tell the truth or fact or information to people that are not here. The object can be the tool for communication, and connection. And it seems like to a growth ring in tree cutting surface. The time will be engraved in space naturally.

Space or object can be media itself

So, I think about the pattern and sound. The geometry pattern can make regular sound or beat something like a rythm game. The distanc, velocity, speed etc are source data for making sound play. It can be projected pattern with real object or real big building, and than the peolple can intervene that ad part of the pattern. The pattern can be original ones or new one that is given to me. This communication can be indirect and making distance through the object.